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Quality Glasses

product image

"I wanted to email you guys and say thank you for making fantastic quality safety glasses. If hadn’t been for your safety glasses I would’ve easily lost my eye! I’m attaching a picture so you can see the protection your glasses provide."

Customer Feedback

Quality Sleeves

"We are a sawmill, and we use 15' diameter band saws. They are sent off site to be sharpened, but we handle them loading and unloading the service truck, as well as change bands at a minimum of 2 times a day, 4 bands each time. We require the workers that change/handle the bands to wear the protective sleeves. We have received positive feedback from those wearing them, they are lightweight, easy to put on, not restrictive when wearing them."

Customer Feedback Regarding Cut A9 Sleeve 93719MK

Quality Face Protection

"Wow, thank you so much for your support! We literally just cheered reading this email!!! I just wanted to tell you and your company thank you again for your generosity and support during this time! We appreciated the face shields so much. From an extremely thankful ICU team.”

Andrea Gilliam, RN, CCRN, Erlanger Health Systems

Quality Face Ponchos

“Thank you for the ponchos donation. I was able to get them to the first responders and health system to be used for swabbing. The Erie County Sheriff’s Department picked them up from my home yesterday. Everyone I had spoken with from the Sheriff’s department sent a message “God Bless us for the donation.”

Customer Feedback

Safety Face Shields

"We love the product and would hate not to have them, they feel so much more secure and safe, than the flimsy ones they tried to give us in the beginning.”

A Nurse In The Nashville Area

Quality Face Masks

“My husband and I are both anesthesia providers and I’m looking for something to protect our faces when we intubate patients. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending the face masks (shields) so quickly. They were used today - the first day I have had them - and they worked perfectly. Thank you for being so helpful during this unprecedented and unbelievable time!”

Customer Feedback

Dallas Saves

product image

“I would like you to know that I have purchased a pair of DL219AF I/o lens from y’all and they have saved my face. I was removing bricks yesterday and trying to remove one with a crowbar, well the brick went flying in air and o face planted the pavement. I have a severe cut across my nose but if I hadn't had my safety glasses on, I would have a lot more damage on my face. the safety glasses have marks on them where I hit pavement but still are in one piece. thank you for making a good and strong product.”

Customer Feedback Regarding DL219AF

Dominator Saves

"I wanted to give some feedback Dominator DM3 Glasses DM1337BDC, They are absolutely awesome! They have even been on a trip to Mexico, they have been the absolute best safety glasses/sunglasses I have ever had including expensive brands like Oakley. The two best things I love about them of course is the anti-fogging, it is truly amazing being in humid climates they have never fogged over on me, the only thing I had to do was wipe the sweat and water off of them! Also the anti-scratch coating just awesome!"

Customer Feedback Regarding Dominator DM3 Glasses DM1337BDC

Glove Saves

product image

"I just wanted to let you know that your company has provided us with two very important saves over the past year."

"Save# 1. We had an employee using what was perceived to be a cut resistant glove (not newbb电子平台 Safety glove) who received a laceration. The issue was that it was assumed that the gray material stitching in the palm was the same grade as the finger tips as the material was identical… (Not the case-as the only part of the glove cut resistant was the palm) I contacted you at newbb电子平台 with my concern regarding the glove and the “misrepresentation” of the product. Once you were made aware of this-you sent me a 9178NF to trial-at no cost... The first week, an employee who normally wore the Level 2 palms only, was wearing these trial gloves. As he opened a box with the razor knife-the blade got hooked on the strap and ran across his palm… Had he been wearing the other gloves, numerous stitches would have been a minimum. See photo… He along with others are now a believer in this glove."

"Save #2: Some employees wanted to trial a different style “work glove” that was user friendly, but still allowed them to handle sharps. You sent me 3611DT. Gloves were trialed for 4 weeks and have held up great. During this trial an employee had to reach under one of our manufactured parts to release a strap. (It is the only way to do this). During the process, he ran his hand over what would be considered a razor sharp burr. The chunk taken out of the glove did not reach his finger. The Diamond Tech worked! Again a great save! He made me aware of this incident and wanted to express his gratitude.See photo… He too is a believer."

"Last but not least, our company has been honored to be SHARP certified. Senior leadership believes the safety of our employees is paramount. These two saves have certainly prevented A) An injury to our employees and B) helped us avoid two OSHA record-able incidents. So on behalf of employees and management here at MSM-thanks to you and your staff for working to help make Midstate Machine a much safer place."

Kevin T. O’Leary EHS Specialist Midstate Machine (2018)

Max3 and Max6 Glasses

“Thank you for the samples of the glasses. I had a couple craft employees use then and provide feedback. I spoke with one of the users yesterday, and he stated that by far they were the best he has used in the past 10 years. This was comments from a person who performs varying activities from mass concrete placement to plan reading. The feedback was all positive and future use was recommended.”

Turner Construction (2018)

UltraTech Gloves

Jeremy with Airgas called with feedback on the UT2953. Their end user ordered samples of the UT2953L and as they were wearing them a heavy metal plate fell on the hand of the employee wearing the gloves. Safe to say the end user only walked away with only a bruised finger. Had he not had the right protection on it could have been a lot worse.

Jeremy with Airgas (2018)


product image

“I was on a Hunting trip, we were in Sanderson Texas, about 6 hours from San Antonio, about 3 hours from the nearest big city Del Rio Texas. It was the last day of the Hunt, we decided to Fire the rifles, and Pistols… you know the fun part of being out there. We had fired a number of weapons, calibers were 45ACP, Ar-15 5.56, 12 gauge shot gun. And then the newly acquired Tarus 44 Magnum came out. My brother fired 12 rounds through the pistol, and a friend fired another 6, so that was 18 rounds before I grabbed the Pistol. I loaded the rounds in could feel the barrel hot, so as I aimed was about to fire, I stopped and said whoa, I forgot to put my glassed on. I put (on) my glassed and ear plugs, I fired 2 rounds, and on the third round when I fired, I immediately felt the blow back which cut my face on the cheek area, your first reaction is to close your eyes, so as soon as felt the blast I closed my eyes and turned away. When I opened my eyes, my glasses were on the ground and I had blood running down my face, and my brother quickly started asking me if I was ok, and before I could say anything… he said dam your glassed saved you man, that stuff would have hit your right in your eye. As I started looking at the glasses we were shocked to see how hard it had hit them, I am not sure what happened with the round, it could have been the barrel was really hot or the round pretty much exploded once the firing pin hit it… Not sure, But one thing I know for sure is if I had not put on the glasses I would have had really severe damage to my eye or possibly lost it that day. So I am newbb电子平台 for life, I will wear nothing other than newbb电子平台. I use them now in everything that I do. That’s my newbb电子平台 Safety story…. Thanks for your time and have a great day… And I thank newbb电子平台 for building a good quality product."

JR Longoria, Inside Sales Associate at WW Grainger (2018)

BearKat Glasses

product image

"Hello newbb电子平台 , I just wanted to thank you very much, for making the quality, and up to standards, safety glasses that you make!! I had an unfortunate accident recently , where a pistol blow up in my hand . I had a few pieces of synthetic plastic hit my face , but no real harm . I knew the condition of the lenses of my glasses because I hate when they get a bit scratched up , because I will of course , just get a new pair . So anyway, after the incident , I happened to glance at my glasses just for the heck of it, and couldn’t help notice a very small , but apparently very sharp , piece of brass that was embedded in the right lens. Obviously a piece of brass from the shell casing of the cartridge in the pistol . Not to mention I have not been working with any brass lately with these glasses on, of course. So , I’m not sure how much force and speed that it had as it was coming at me , but I’m sure that was enough to do some very painful and permanent damage. If you look real close in the picture, there is a diamond shaped glare from the flash of the camera. If you look at the bigger dot to the right of it, that is the piece of brass that they stopped . So again , thank you so much for a great product ! They work !!!"

Tommy (2018)

Dyneema Gloves

"I love dyneema cut proof gloves best gloves I've ever wore. Colder in hell in the winter time though. I was looking for a local retail outlet for dyneema Memphis gloves. No others even come close to the quality of Memphis gloves and their commitment to safety and customer service."

Steven Teter (06/2017)

US Defense Polarized Lens

"I have used the US Defense with Polarized & Mirrored Lenses with their 100% U/V & UVA coatings as a Crane Operator in Texas. Headaches from the U/V & UVA have diminished. The Polarized lenses also help greatly when having to operate looking toward the Sun and reducing glare. I highly recommend these Safety Glasses for Equipment Operation. Thanks & God Bless."

Jimmy Ray (03/2017)

Cleaning Wipes

"just so your company knows I used them on both my Oakley glasses and your wipes did a great job with no problems."

Customer Feedback Regarding Cleaning Wipes (03/2017)

Driver Gloves 3200 Series

"These gloves, 3200M I've been using for a few years. They are much more durable and comfortable than the ones provided by my employer. they buy real cheap gloves that last a couple of weeks and don't fit well. They won't buy better gloves and this spring I tried to buy a pair but no one sells single pairs any more, they are only sold in dozens which I can't afford. So I bought two pairs from you as a trial because its the only way I could get them. They are great gloves and I would buy more if I could get them in single pairs."

Customer Feedback Regarding Driver Gloves 3200 Series (08/2016)

Tear-Away Safety Vest

"Work issued a velcro tear-away safety vest for me and I was reluctant to wear a different vest than the one I already owned. My second day on the job, a truck malfunction happened and the automatic handle caught the vest and began to wrap me up extremely fast and I was thrown from the truck. If it wasn't for your tear-away safety vest, and I had been using my standard vest, I could have lost my arm or worse. You safety products have stood way above the others for a while, but now, i'll be coming to your company for all my safety needs. Thank you so much for making such an awesome product!"

Customer Feedback Regarding Safety Vest (07/2016)